Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have no illusions

I have no illusions. About my writing (or spelling for that matter). I don't picture myself a poet laureate nor Pulitzer prize winning author. I am what I am.

But my writing is important. To me at least. It allows me to express the unpredictable, unexplainable, and often hurtful parts of my life.

I certainly don't expect to receive support or feedback for what I write here or elsewhere.

So I was surprised the other day when I googled my name (which I do from time to time) and came across this blog.

The author, Michelle, was not only kind enough to mention my poem, Fake, but also to record a reading.

It gives me great pride to know that something I wrote has been released into the world. It waits to be discovered by someone half way around the country. To have meaning. To be notable.

To be shared with others


tracy said...

i just listened to your poem...twice. i love your writing, i wish i had the words to express how much it touches me.

This poem touched my heart and i can just imagine you in front of the mirror...your humility and self- effacement (hope that is the right word !) are truly inspiring.

As always, thank you Dr. Jordan, for sharing your heart with us,


John Lynn said...

You are very well written. I just found your blog today and have ready 3-4 of your posts. I loved the personal nature of your writing and the subtle details that you offer. Thanks for sharing your point of view and writing with the world.