Sunday, February 26, 2012

Without Impact

I had a dream yesterday. The turbulence sometimes makes people nervous and they start talking. A kindly woman from the middle of the country was telling me her story.

And for a moment I became a farmer. I worried of fields of corn, pasteurs of cattle. I was a small business owner with mouths to feed and employees depending on me. Could I really afford to take vacation and leave the daily responsibilities to someone else?

Then today, while sitting by the pool talking to a stranger, I became an investment advisor. I managed millions of dollars made by others. They laid their wealth at my doorstep like the paper boy delivers his daily news.

Each decision became the difference between mounds of money or piles of dust. They approached me with complete trust, as if trust was not a fickle servant. Could I afford to be offline for so long?

This evening, sitting in an Italian restaurant, I was the piano man. My hands were the anvils that molded my prosperity. I bounced from gig to gig, often not knowing when may next windfall would appear.

Would the waves crush my fingers rendering them useless? Would the smokey bars and fine dining establishments shun me If I wasn't available to answer their calls?

Tonight, I will dream that my absence will go unnoticed. That I will not have missed any emergent hospitalizations, unexpected deaths, or new diagnosis of cancer.

I will hope that my desperate need to take vacation and leave for a week,

will have no impact whatsoever.

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Bishan said...

I like you dreams they all sound interesting and worthwhile! I hope your last one came true too :)