Sunday, June 3, 2012

Intention And Social Media

I believe the road to success is paved with good intentions.  In fact, I think intention is underutilized in the realization of our ultimate goals.  Whether you dream of building a business, discovering a cure, or writing the next great American novel, you likely won't get very far without developing an appropriate sense of purpose.

Intent forms the nucleus for which a plan is built around.  It starts as an idea and spreads through conversations, emails, and proposals.  It affects who we interact with, what we read, and where we go.  Subconsciously intent tells those around us that we are serious and dedicated to an idea or concept. 

When we set off on a path with passion and vision, success can't help but befall us.  But the problem until recently with intention, is that it was just too parochial a concept.  Sure your family and friends knew all about your grand plans, but that CEO of that big corporation or the reporter on CNN were unlikely to be ensnared by your foresight.  We all, at some point, have become a victim of hyperlocalism.

Enter social media.  If intention is the gas that fuels your idea, then social media is the engine.  When concepts are generated and broadcast to a wider audience, intention galvanizes support, links like minded individuals, and puts opportunity at the forefront.  The obscure and unresourceful are now given a reasonable chance to explode on to the global scene.

It would be a mistake to say it's easy.  Developing a social media presence and cultivating your audience takes time and thought.  And above all else, creating superb content is a must if you want anyone to actually read what you are writing.

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