Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Post #TheWalkingGallery, @ReginaHolliday

We walk.

Sometimes we crawl.
Through surgery, chemotherapy, innattention, mistakes,
and the moans of our loved ones.
Bent over, we carry the load on our backs,
hunched, we cover the scars with cloth.

We walk.

Somwetimes we run.
Through hospital corridors and exam rooms.
We carry our patient's pain in our shoulders,
hidden underneath the lanky arms of lab coats.

We walk.

Sometimes we jump.  Our heads held
high in advocacy.  We blog, we tweet,
we shout.  Until others cover their ears.

We walk.

Our bodies as poetry in motion.
We no longer carry our hearts on our sleeves.
We carry them on our backs.

We Are The Walking Gallery

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Unknown said...

Jordan - you captured the heart of the Walking Gallery so well. Beautiful!