Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Attention #HCSM Meeting Planners. Would You Like Me to Speak At Your Event?

The only thing better than blogging is having the chance to tell one's stories in person.  While I have been asked to speak at a number of events over the years, I have developed a new talk that I am especially itching to give to a live audience.  I expect it will have all the emotion and impact of the DotMed 2013 appearance below.

Topic/Running Title: The Medical Narrative, A Tie That Binds Doctors and Patients
Style: TED style, no visuals, no notes
Content: Narrative heavy, didactic light
Running Time: 15-20 minutes

Will accept multiple offers, but will give video rights only to one.
Need a few months in advance to arrange my schedule.
Expenses and stipend to be negotiated.

Please respond by email: grumetjordan(at)

I also blog and speak about personal finance.


Chukwuemeka G. said...

Thank you sir.

Joseph P Bark MD said...

Em grew sicker and sicker. While I watched him ebb away we tried to explain the way it was back in Glenn’s day. We tried to convince patients that we were still their friends and that we, too remembered when Em was healthy and vigorous. But he eventually succumbed to that final straw that broke his back. Em was dead. And when I gave my best friend his last good-bye and spoke his eulogy, we all missed those days of doing what a patient needed, rather than what a bureaucrat wanted to know about our patients/friends. We knew, if Em could speak, he might regret that phrase, “Joe, that’s just the way life is.” Em died. We lost him in a blizzard of records, finances, trivialities, computerized slowdowns with decreased productivity, and the fact that our patient/friends had now just become patients; For Em, you see, was the first letter of my beloved . . . Medicine.