Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I'd like to take a moment to update my readers on the progress of the last month since the publication of my book.

I have been selling copies over the web (click here) , and in person, and have been lucky enough to receive some press:

-Medpage today article: 10 Questions: Jordan Grumet

I will be appearing on a few Google Hangouts (Dates to be announced):

And I will be doing a book reading/storytelling on April 23rd at Bookends and Beginnings

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Thank you again for all your help and support!

More blog posts to come.

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Anonymous said...

Cannot likely afford your book, but I will say that I am impressed with your efforts in what is often an easily overlooked psychosocial interaction between doctors and their patients that neither side can always see can be at the center of why the expressed thoughts and actions of one side are so completely befuddling to the complement...⬅well executed "run on sentence"! ;-)