Monday, April 6, 2015

My Review of Becoming Nursey by Kati Kleber (@NurseEyeRoll)

I could never be a nurse.  It's just too hard.  Not only do they have to physically take care of patients (and their body fluids and waste products) but emotionally support said patients, their families, their doctors, and supervise an army of certified nursing aids.  Did I mention that they also must diagnose, manage, and  monitor disease in real time?

It was under these auspices that I came across Becoming Nursey by Katie Kleber while I was working to promote my own book.  I checked her out on twitter (@NurseEyeRoll) and was intrigued enough to jump on Amazon and buy the book.  I was very glad I did.

This is a must read for new nursing graduates, students, and anyone who dreams of entering this sacred profession.  The practical information contained in this book is priceless.  Everything from surviving nursing school, to passing board exams, to organizing your time as a floor nurse is covered.  The text is a clear, organized, and easy to follow set of instructions for tackling day to day challenges.  How I wish I had this type of manual for medical school and residency!

What I think is almost more valuable, however, to not only nurses but also doctors and the community as a whole, is the emotional candor of the book.  Often humorous, sometimes heart-breaking, Kati paints in broad brush strokes the humanity of the profession in general.

We laugh at the descriptions of the physical pitfalls when she describes tackling the not so delicate parts of her job, and we cry when she tells of the emotional hazards we all face while caring for our fellow human beings.

Buy it.

It's a great read!

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I love this book too and have a post about it