Monday, May 4, 2015

Closing The Intimacy Gap. When Doctor/Patient Narratives Intertwine

From my book reading 4/23 at Bookends and Beginnings.

I Am Your Doctor And this Is My Humble Opinion.

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Patricia said...

I feel blessed,Jordan, by your touching and lovingly told experiences. To share of ourselves as you have is a gift that I believe always bears fruit. I will approach my visits to my doctor in a more loving open manner, recognising that we are both on the journey of life, regardless of her/his response.
The gulf between doctor and patient when I was a child in the '40's was bottomless, and I still remember how it felt as it took many years for this lack of relationship to improve.
It warms my soul to hear your commitment to bring this crucial and far-reaching relationship to the intimacy that it deserves. Thank you, Jordan.