Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Keynote Address

My son's hand shoots skyward. The teacher appraises the group of students and then motions him to the front of the room. He smiles as he skips forward. All sense of trepidation is lacking. He is aware of the other students, the parents, and the teacher. But he seems unconcerned.

He gently lifts his bow to the strings. The piano starts with an introduction. And he plays. The bow screeches awkwardly at first. A few notes in, he catches his stride. His eyes close slightly.

Seconds later he is finished. He puts his violin in rest position and bows deeply. The crowd claps. He skips back to his seat with a smile on his face. He knows his performance is imperfect.

He doesn't care.


Tomorrow I will wake up early and leave my family. I will take a taxi to the airport where I will board a plane to Louisville, Kentucky.

I will attend the Amedysis Strategy Summit. On the second day I will step on stage in front of hundreds of people. My voice will be my bow. My knowledge, my instrument.

And I will play. With a little more trepidation than my son and likely a greater measure of imperfection.

But my joy,

my joy will be the same.

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