Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Content Is The First Principal

I think we suffer from medium confusion. 

Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are just a medium.  They are not an end unto themselves but more a mere tool or amplifier.  Our digital footprint may be littered with pictures and pithy tweets, but what separates a key opinion leader from a follower is content.

Content is the first principal.  It is where intelligence, meets communication, and dances with relevance.  Content is the work product of our brilliance.  Without it, creation dies and curation flops about like a fish out of water.

In the new world order, communication relies on content amplified by medium to be curated, aggregated, and most importantly commented on.  Content begets content, tweet begets retweet, blog post begets civil discourse through dissenting blog post.

When we create and amplify garbage, we dilute the medium.  And here's the rub, the content by key opinion leaders becomes lost in a sea of excrement. The true content producer has but two options in this great arms race towards relevance, amplify louder or increase output.  Both of which ultimately lead to burnout.

And then the true drivers of change like Mike Sevilla bow out.  We've been all yelling so loud that our faces have turned blue.  We have one up'd ourselves into TED talks and book deals.  The stakes get greater, the amplifiers are turned up higher.

Instead of killing innovation, we need to embrace it.  We have created a social media behemoth.

The future of this important endeavor lies in better filters.

We need to learn to use them more liberally!

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Howard Luks said...

Excellent post... as usual :-) Lots to think about...
Thank you!