Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Time To Land This Bird

I have been doing a lot of travelling lately. Each trip begins in the planning phase. Usually there is a burst of energy. An idea flowers. Road blocks form and are hurdled over. This is the most critical moment. It only takes a light wind to blow us off course, to decide that the whole idea is a farce. How many jaunts have spanned the mind only to stumble when pen reaches for paper, when concrete overtakes the ephemeral.

But once the wheels have left the ground, once a comfortable cruising altitude is reached, a transition takes place. Now the journey has indeed started. The initial gusto gives way to a much calmer period. The view from ten thousand feet is grand and distant. Feet haven't hit the soil. Our mind creates and modifies a future that is not yet reality. Although there is no turning back, the eyes strain to see the shimmering land below.

There is a moment in every journey, however, as the plane breaks through the clouds. There is a jarring of turbulence and then suddenly the horizon appears. After all this time, details become clear. Below are cars and building, people and roads. It is our first view of what the destination really looks like. We had an inkling before, but is was a mere apparition of a hopeful mind.

I announced almost one year ago that I was leaving my current position to start a home based concierge medical practice. The original surge of inspiration gave way to a long period of planning. And indeed, I was cruising above the clouds for so long that I often wondered if I would ever land. I broke through the clouds today. I always thought I knew what the future looked like. Now I am watching the ground rapidly approach as I begin my descent.

I will go back to the beginning. Doctor and patient. One human being trying to connect with another.

The landing gear has engaged. The flight attendants are in position.

It's time to land this bird.

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Annie's small world said...

Happy landing! I hope your blog will continue. You write so well, and as a family nurse practitioner, I appreciate your humble opinions.