Monday, January 12, 2015

Is Meaningful Use Killing Us?

It took days to unravel what happened.
The patient first presented to her cardiologist a few weeks prior. We figured that she must have doubled her amlodipine dose that morning, because her blood pressure was uncharacteristically low. He dutifully documented the hypotension and discontinued the 5 mg of amlodipine, not realizing that she had accidentally taken too much.
Seven days later, her systolic pressure reached the 200 mark. She, of course, didn’t know that. She only knew that her head started to hurt and that she was slurring her speech. By the time she arrived at the emergency room, she could barely move her right arm and leg.
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Anonymous said...

Wow Dr. Grumet, that is an ideal example! When you pair the obvious design/implementation flaws of most EHR systems, with the broken (IMHO) healthcare delivery model, you get an industry rife with errors and ommissions. I commend you for taking back your practice! I would love the opportunity to share your message and your writing with my newly growing audience. Would you be willing to chat sometime?