Sunday, November 21, 2010

Memories of College

It was the beginning of a new school year. I had just gotten out of class on a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining. The warmth bathed my face as Eric and I drifted toward the student union. We strolled through the Diag and stopped briefly to talk to a girl from Spanish class.

We crossed the street and entered a small courtyard. As I turned the corner I recognized a girl's silhouette out of the corner of my visual field. I looked up. She was 20 feet away. Her head lifted and our eyes met. As she smiled I couldn't help but smile back. We both paused as if our eyes were having a silent conversation.

She said. I'm sorry I didn't feel the same way about you....We were the best of friends though...I did love you in my own way!
And I answered. I know. But it wasn't good for me to continue the way we had.
I miss you.
I miss you too!

And then the moment was over. Eric and I entered the union and her image quickly jumped from reality to the recesses of my mind.

We would see each other again from time to time. We even talked once and went for coffee. But it was never the same. The connection was gone.

As the years pass the memories become more distant. And of all the thousands of joys and frustrations of a year of having my soul consumed and stomped on what remains is so little.

Those few seconds.

At the union. When our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

And the pain was gone.

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