Monday, November 22, 2010

The Truth Is...I love Internal Medicine

I have spent a lot of time on this blog describing what bothers me about being a primary care practitioner. And while this is all true...I love Internal Medicine.

I love being the first one to evaluate a medical problem.

I love using detective work and Occam's Razor to take a complicated story and develop a unified and cohesive diagnosis and treatment plan.

I love using all my senses to treat medical illness. To listen, to touch, to see...being a good internist takes all of them.

I love forming long standing relationships with my patients. Getting to know their children...and grandchildren...and sometimes great grandchildren.

I love catching a diagnosis that everyone else has missed.

I became an Internist because I felt it was the most rounded, challenging, intellectual prospect in all of medicine. As my role in this medical system becomes denigrated, marginalized, and abandoned...

I wonder If I will love it as much.

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Landerson said...

I felt your emotions while I was reading your blog. Truly I can say that you are heaven sent to us. Being an internist is your passion and I am absolutely impressed with your dedication on the field you have chosen.

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