Thursday, January 1, 2015

In My Humble Opinion; The Most Popular Posts of 2014

These were my most viewed posts of 2014.  Enjoy!

1.Let's Be Real Clear About This...Are doctors being overpaid and causing the catastrophic rise in American Healthcare costs?
2.Doctors Behaving Badly...A dozen set of eyes stared upwards.  The nurses ate their pizza and glanced back and forth between me and the dry erase board that I had recently filled with incomprehensible scrawl.
3.Malcolm Gladwell Is Wrong, Tell Them That You Love Them...Malcolm Gladwell thinks we should tell people whats it's really like to be a doctor.  And by God I have invested the last seven years in doing just that.
4.Creative Destruction Or Internal Combustion...Everyone seems to have a solution for the primary care crisis.  Businessman and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla thinks technology and big data will replace the imperfect physician.
5.We Will Always Have This...As I have said before, when done correctly,  doctoring is an act of love. 

Thanks again for reading and have a great New Year!

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