Monday, February 2, 2015

Is Doctoring Easier For Men?

She was everything one could ask for in a medical resident. During the few weeks she had been shadowing in my office, I found her fund of knowledge to be exceptional. Her intuition was right more times than not. And she negotiated the fine line between detached clinician and caring advocate. My patients loved her.
Did I forget to mention that she was exceptionally attractive? I hope so. I really feel that such things have little relevance in medical training (or life in general). Sure, I could tell that she was careful about how she presented herself. She dressed over-conservatively in an attempt to deflect attention from her looks. I occasionally noticed a prolonged stare by a young patient or a twinkle in an elderly gentleman’s eye, but for the most part everything ran smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

The same can be said for female nurses! I have been grabbed, had pts try to set me up with their sons (even though I am married). Male pts who are capable of showering themselves, call for help just to flash me. A male pt who insisted he could not reach his private area to wash it and needed help. I informed him that his arms were not shortened by having knee surgery!! etc.