Monday, October 20, 2008

Obsessed (4)

Come on...answer the phone...answer the dam phone!

Lawrence was starting to panic. It was 10 pm and he was making his nightly call. But no one was answering. In all the years since he broke up with her, Carole was always there. If he couldn't reach her on her home phone then at least her cell. But Lawrence had tried three times already.

Why today...why today he thought out loud. On the day he was going to apologize and tell her that he would never call again. Today was going to be different. Today he was taking control of his life. But suddenly he felt the red tied coming back. The cruel waves crushed against his small and insignificant boat of life. Mocking him. Turning him over and almost capsizing....but then jerking him back upwards.

Pick must pick up or something bad will happen. He heard the refrain from the bowels of his soul. Lawrence collapsed onto the floor. He cradled himself in the fetal position hoping the voices would stop. He begged them to leave him alone. He tried to counter their logic..Just hang up the phone and go to bed. He would call Carole back in the morning. She was probably fine. Nothing bad was going to happen.

But the voices spoke searingly...burning a hole in his logic. Imprinting an idea on the soft inner belly of his mind. They commanded him to go to the car. To drive to her house. Or else there would be consequences. They spoke hissingly.....

You don't want her to die like the other you?

Lawrence had to concentrate with all his might to keep his hands steady...

as he steared his car down the driveway.

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