Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Power of One

I wrote this in highschool. Its kind of simple but I like it. I almost never use rhyme in my poetry. I always was fond of the saying....My body is a temple.

The Power of One
My body is a temple
My mind is my god
My heart is a prayerbook
Its expression my facade


tracy said...

"My heart is a prayerbook". i l o v e that! Your writing has inspired me to try a bit myself...without much luck. An example: We were in the airport last summer, it was very early morning, the sky was pink and the sun was just coming up. A young Orthodox Jewish man, with his tallis and prayer book was rocking gently, back and forth, saying his morning prayers. The whole scene really touched me emotionally, but i can't get it down in words...not satisfactorally (sp?), anyway. Care to take on the challenge...? :)

Sorry for the looooong ramble. Thanks for a most wonderful blog,

Jordan Grumet said...

Tracy...keep trying. Most of the time I don't like what I write either the first time. But eventually...

tracy said...

Dear Dr. Jordan,
Thank you for your encouragement. i appreciate it.