Friday, November 14, 2008

Our World

So I'm watching TV in my family room when I here my 4 year old son crying in his bedroom. I bound up the stairs and walk into his room to see he is clearly upset.

"Cameron....what's the matter?"
"I can't sleep Daddy....everytime I close my eyes I dream a wolf is coming to eat me!"
"We read Peter the Wolf in class today and now I can't stop thinking about it!"

I try to convince him that it's just a dream. That it's not real. That he is safe at home in bed. But to no avail. So I try a different tact.

"Just imagine that right before the wolf gets you that your daddy is there and jumps in front and saves you at the last minute!"

"Daddy....that won't work...what if you are not fast enought?....I want Mommy"

By that time my wife walks into the room.

"Honey...what's the matter?"

Cameron Speaks up, "we read Peter the Wolf in class today and now I keep dreaming that a wolf is coming to eat me!"

"Oh that..." she replies, "I forgot to tell you that I talked to your teacher about this exact subject today."

"You did?"

"Yes...and after I picked you up from school, while at work, I wrote an email to the wolf and told him not to bother you tonight.....that there are much tastier kids down the block and to leave our house alone!"

"You did...thanks Mommy...I thin I can go to sleep now."

I, forever the smart ass, to my wife, " I hope you cc'ed evil spiderman and the boogeyman also!"

Cameron turns to his mother quizically with eyes wide, "the boogeyman?"

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Cathy said...

OMG this entire story is priceless.