Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stroke of Genius (Conclusions)

As Scott mixed the vials together he knew that this could change everything. His left hand was shaking as he lifted the flask to his mouth. He was alone in the lab. Cecilia droped him off at lunch and wouldn't be back till after work. His mind raced as he felt the cool concoction wash past his lips and down his throat. It had a gentle taste. Neither sweet nor bitter. Rather pleasent. As he consumed the last ounce he dropped the flask onto the lab top where it smashed into a thousand little pieces.

Scott was feeling weak and dizzy. The blood rushed into his face. His right arm and leg started to tingle and then burn. Oh no! This is going to kill me like the rabbits. I miscalculated! His mind quickly replayed the formula in his head. But his brain was working slower now. He couldn't quite remember how he had arrived at the master formulation he just consumed. As he drifted off into unconsciousness he felt his body falling and finally thud onto the ground. Oh Cecilia....Cecilia...would I have not suffered this fate for you?

Scott felt someone gently pulling his arms. He opened his eyes to see his beautiful Cecilia towering above him. He struggled to explain but he couldn't. His mind was moving at what seemed to be a snail's pace. But then he realzied that he wasn't slow at all....he was back to himself. Back to how things were before the stroke. Before his thoughts began to race and his ideas began to quicken.

Scott grabbed onto Cecilia's hands and pulled himself upward. They stared at eachother dumbfoundedly. He had used his right arm. It was no longer disabled. Then he walked around the desk. His leg was working perfectly. He was cured! He looked down at the was empty. Now what was that formula?

For month's Scott tried to piece together his frantic notes. He would sit for hours at night thinking in his dark bedroom. But it was all gone. His mind could no longer make the mental leaps it had before he cured the stroke.

He returned to the lab convinced he would eventually recreate his success. But he never would. His life work would have meaning....he would win many many people. But he would never remember the formula. He would never cure the epidemic.

Scott eventually came to terms with the fact that his genius was short lived. That It came with the stroke and left with the cure. But he was always keenly aware of how slow his mind now worked. He felt like a turtle. He may eventually win the race but he would do it at his own tortured, humble pace.

And then there was Cecilia. The magic potion that cured his stroke did nothing to diminish his feelings for her. He still was sensitive to her needs and emotions. He could still read the expression on her face before she said a word.

The fact was that even before his illness he always had the ability to love and be loved......and maybe that...that....

was Scott's true stroke of genius.

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