Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Early morning

The exam room.....

When I look in the mirror

A stranger stares back at me

How so?

The face is not mine

The eyes are too far apart

The left higher then the right

and the lips are too close to the nose

Could it be that you no longer recognize yourself?

And when I walk

Everything is leaning...

roads, sidewalks, people

Has your life lost balance?

And my chest

Every time I think

or worry


Is it your heart that hurts? Has the sadness consumed you?

And sometimes


when I'm alone

I talk to myself

Like you have not a friend in the world?


And then a knock on the door


"Yes?" I respond awaking from my reverie

"Your first patient is here....

shall I send her in?"

From the chapbook Primary Care, The Lives You Touch Publications

1 comment:

tracy said...

Wow, Just wow. This kinda makes me want to cry. :( It is beautifully sad. And here i am, envying you for being a physican...