Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stroke of Genius (2)

There wouldn't be anymore research. There may not even be anymore life. Scott's mood was getting progressively dour as he languished in the hospital. It was already three days and still minimal movement on the right side. The thrombolytics did nothing. Physical therapy was doing nothing. Thank god he was left handed! He could still perform some tasks for himself. He would be able to go home and not some forsaken rehab facility.

But he was useless. How could he run experiments. How could he set up the stroke patients if he had no use of one side of his body. Sure he had students. Sure he had post docs. But he never felt as good as when he had his own hands were in the mix.

And what tortured Scott the most was that his mind was more clear then ever. In fact his thoughts had started to race. He was quicker then before. His mental cogitations were less labored. In the ER the nurses were trying to figure the TPA dose and Scott did the complex calculations instantaneously in his head. He had always fumbled with calculators before.

He was also learning to read people better. He was able to hear the changes in pitch in his doctors voice relaying bad news even before he got to the point. Or the look on the nurses face appraising his physique when helping him put his shirt on. Strangely these were things that Scott had never picked up on before.

And when a colleague he had known for years came to visit him in the hospital the day before discharge he sensed something that completely took him by surprise....


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tracy said...

What an absolutely frustrating situation that would be to be in...and yet, look at what the character is learning about people...and the ending...can't wait for more...just wonderful, as always, Dr. Jordan.
Thank you so very much for your beautiful talent,